Get not only discounts, but also income from purchases of everyday goods and services!

2022 is the year of new opportunities for cooperation in the Internet industry. These opportunities are opening up in industries that, given the growing crisis in the global economy, will be the most popular and promising Including the Project "Aunite Group".

Aggregator of your personal and corporate well - being - "Aunite Group" - a leading Cashback marketplace.

"Aunite Group" this:

5 billion products and services on a single platform. Buy them at better prices, return some of the costs and save your budget!

10,000 companies and 600 online stores in 40 countries . Right now, they are offering you special conditions that are not available to other customers. Grocery supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, beauty salons-all of them give you discounts on their products and services. And you can also get: cashback for cellular communication, unique products for beauty and health, and joint purchases at wholesale prices. More detailed HERE

AutoCashBack - a card that earns money.

Discount system for buyers.

AUNIT - high-tech blockchain.

Wulet - a unique mobile application for exchanging discount cards. More detailed HERE

Mobile communication. More detailed HERE

Tourist program. More detailed HERE

Health&Beauty - Academy of Beauty and Health. More detailed HERE

Sell Market - free bulletin board for the sale of goods and services. More detailed HERE

BlackRockBot - multi-currency trading robot. More detailed HERE

Aplay - car and apartment from the company.

Presentation of the Project from the Chairman of the Management Board of the corporation "Aunite Group".

Project advantages "Aunite Group":

An attractive and promising business concept.

Mass demand. The market is almost 100% of the population already in 40 countries.

Modern technologies of promotion and development.

A wide range of products and services of mass daily demand.

High degree of freedom.

Each partner is a co-owner of the company.

9 levels of the Partner Program. At the same time, there are no mandatory current payments, purchases, sales, turnover plans, career conditions, etc.

95% the profit goes to the Network.

Consumer cooperation. You can invite manufacturers of goods and services and receive a percentage of their turnover.

The blockchain.


"Aunite Group" is a group of companies united in a single marketplace. Here, everyone can make profitable purchases, earn and invest.

You can get discounts, cashback and special offers from online stores and companies in your city. The geography of the service covers not only Russia, but also dozens of countries around the world.

We cooperate with "AliExpress", "Booking", "M-Video", "SportMaster" and thousands of other companies. With "Aunite Group" you get discounts where you didn't even know they existed!

The "Aunite Group" Corporation is created to change your life for the better. We unite to improve the quality of life and save our budget.

Thanks to mass demand, personal attractiveness, a universal Partner program and favorable conditions for its implementation, this Project can unite all Network operators and participants in the Internet industry. More than 3,000,000 users have already made their choice — join us!

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